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Imagine dropping forty pounds in just forty days without going under the knife simply using a hormone that is found in pregnant women. It is called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, also commonly known as HCG and can be taken daily through drops or injections. It should however be combined with a low calorie diet of about five hundred to eight hundred calories per day, in order to have the best results.

This is the same hormone that is detected by a pregnancy test when a woman falls pregnant. It is naturally produced by cells in the placenta. Daily HCG is for people who have a lot of abnormal fat, which the body does not normally go after. It helps get rid of these abnormal fat stores and resets the hypothalamus gland which controls when and where your body stores fat.

The program is great for anyone, regardless of if you want to lose only ten pounds or go from seven hundred pounds to one hundred and seventy five. Even some people who have had gastric bypasses have been able to use HCG drops. The only people who can not use this hormone, are pregnant or nursing women.

This is a shot at losing weight for those dieters who have become discouraged. There is no starving and no surgery required. HCG drops will stimulate your metabolism helping you lose weight. The hormone changes your appetite, changes the way the body addresses blood sugar and the way it metabolizes fat.

You ultimately get somewhat permanent changes just by having this hormone in your system. It is important to remember that these changes to the body will vary from person to person, but most highly motivated people who have stuck with the plan have seen great results.

Using HCG drops is definitely a safer alternative than surgery, and most people who have lost weight have managed to keep the weight off. They also feel a lot more active and more willing to do physical things such as exercise, which is also recommended when you are taking this hormone.

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HCG Pro - HCG Diet Drops Reviews

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This article was published on 2010/12/11